Filling machines from Flexmatic

At Flexmatic, we offer units in the form of filling machines for bottling lines. These machines are extremely useful in the production of a wide variety of products, and we have experience in designing and implementing filling machines in productions including liquid foods, beverages, and a number of non-food products. This solution is very suitable for smaller productions. We also offer the installation of other equipment in connection with bottling lines.

Efficient installation in all productions

Our range of filling machines consists of purchased units and self-produced machines where required. Our filling machines can handle filling both small and large bottles, which is technically a so-called bottle filling line. This consists of a round table for emptying bottles, a 6-head overflow as the bottle filler, ROOP and label application, after which it ends on a round table that serves as a buffer for filled bottles. The machine can also be set up so it can refill non-food products like cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and much more.

To minimise the installation time of your production system, we recommend that your production line is established, tested and fine-tuned in our workshop. This way, you avoid any significant delays in your production.

Want to know more?

If you are you interested in how you can streamline your production with a filling machine, please feel free to contact us on +45 97 42 88 88. Our knowledgeable staff will gladly give you a quote for a comprehensive solution for the automated filling of your product. We look forward to contributing to streamlining your production.

Collaboration between Flexmatic and Senius

We are expanding and partnering with Senius. This means more skills, and it will benefit both you and your company.

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