Pigging system

Pigging systems from Flexmatic

Are you looking for an efficient cleaning method for the pipes in your production system? At Flexmatic, we offer efficient pigging systems which are, among other things, suitable for use in the food industry. They consist of a so-called "pig", which is pushed through the pipes to remove the product.

Pigging systems are best suited where there is a need for a total separation of layers, for example, where the product is very viscous or if the product price is relatively high. Substantial savings may be made by preventing product waste. Furthermore, an efficient pigging system also saves wear on sewers and pipes so they can last for many years.

Cleaner and more efficient production

We manufacture the pigs, so they can be included in almost all types of production – they are available for all pipe sizes. Our competent staff handle the installation of the pigging system. This involves an effective system in which the pig is moved as needed.

In this respect, we offer two different types of pigging system – automatic and manual. Automatic pigging systems work by automatically activating the pig, which always stays in the piping system and is pushed as needed. In contrast, a manual pigging system is only activated by pressing a button.

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If you want to learn more about our pigging systems, please feel free to contact us on +45 97 42 88 88 . We will gladly give you a quote for a pigging system which is customised to your particular production. We will gladly help you achieve cleaner and more efficient production.

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