Pipe bridge

Calculation of strength of pipe bridge from Flexmatic

At Flexmatic, we design and dimension pipe bridges to be efficiently incorporated into the production system. A pipe bridge is an efficient way of organising space-demanding pipes which extend over longer distances where they get in the way by lying on the ground.

Drawing and efficient testing of pipe bridges

We always start by developing a 3D model which also contains the parts list. Here, we take into account the loads that the pipe bridge will be subjected to in real life:

  • The bridge’s own weight creates a heavy weight which increases when liquid is to be transported in the pipe
  • Wind load, which is tested in accordance with Eurocode 1, which deals with Actions on structures / General actions – Parts 1–4: Windactions
  • If the liquid in the pipe stops abruptly, this will create kinetic energy which is transferred to the bridge. This happens, for example, if a valve is closed somewhere else in the system.
  • The pipe is naturally exposed to heat, which leads to expansion. This should be absorbed by the bridge, for instance, in a steel joist or a steel coupling.

We will, of course, ensure that your pipe bridge is able to handle the pressure that it is subjected to. This extends to any special circumstances which are relevant to your production. We always strive to implement solutions that complement other production systems in the best possible way.

Pipe bridge as part of the production

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