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We carry a wide range of tanks which meet a variety of needs. We stock special tanks for the food industry, for which we offer process tanks – including storage tanks and fermentation tanks. Our range includes tanks of many different sizes which can be incorporated into a variety of productions.

Top quality tanks for food production

We manufacture and install process tanks for the food industry. We always do this based on the customer’s specific requirements and needs. Therefore, we always begin a partnership with an in-depth conversation in which we map out your wishes for the solution. This ensures that we avoid any misunderstandings and that we can provide the optimal solution.

Our process tanks are currently used in the production of many types of food. These include drinking water, beer and much more. We also offer special fermentation tanks. Our range also includes acid tanks, lye tanks and flushing tanks that can be incorporated into a CIP system (link). For installation, we have a team of certified stainless smiths and industrial electricians, as well as experienced site foremen who allow us to engage local labour. This way we can offer efficient and quick installation.

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If you would you like to hear more about the tanks in our range, and if you want a quote for the solution you are looking for, please feel free to contact us on +45 97 42 88 88. We will be pleased to answer your questions. Remember that we can supply all peripheral equipment for your production, so your entire solution can be supplied by us, based on your needs.

Collaboration between Flexmatic and Senius

We are expanding and partnering with Senius. This means more skills, and it will benefit both you and your company.

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